Sleeping Beauty: Laneige Masks

It’s already October and I start to get the feeling that 2018 is slowly winding down. If I take a look back at it, skincare-wise, it was a year of mask and serum. Those are the two types of cosmetics I started to appreciate this year. Ok, I might have been just as well influenced by the market. I surely am not the only one to notice the growing masking obsession in the beauty industry. Anyway, if you are following the subject, you must be familiar with the heroes of today’s post: the Water Sleeping Mask and the Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige.

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Skincare: Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser

Did you actually notice how rarely I come back with a negative skincare review? It surely pays off to dig deeper into skincare and not even to the level of a chemistry expert. Essentially, my skincare choices have improved over the past several months. However this does not always prevent me from bad purchases in that skincare alley. Here is one example.

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