There are three of them and they are different with respect to much more than just scent! Which one is the most WORTHY?

Let’s start from… the beginning😏 Well, those three little pretties are limited edition versions of the notorious makeup fixing spray (and actually a lot more than just that) by MAC Cosmetics. Until recently, Coconut, Rose and Lavender versions were only introduced in MAC limited edition collections – and finally, they become permanent! Since I already managed to grab all three of them in miniature sizes, let me share my thoughts on how they differ and work.

The miniatures I purchased (30 ml) were introduced as part of the Work It Out, collection, which for the most part I simply did not get (you know, much as I LOVE gym, I generally do not find the concept of combining makeup & workout very appealing). Nevertheless, tiny Fix-Pluses won my heart as soon as I saw the preview on the collection and it seems I was not the only one since they were swooped from the online store on the launch date of the Work It Out collection, and I only managed to grab in here. Done with blabbering, you can now move on to my comparative analysis below:



1. MAC Fix + Rose
As I already mentioned before, these essentially DO NOT DIFFER ONLY BY SCENT. If you take a look at the ingredients list, you’ll immediately see why. The Rose version carries the scent of the regular Fix + (and by that I mean this not very appealing, chemical fragrance Fix + has). What is different is the addition of rose water and if you want my opinion, the best face mist featuring rose water, which is also better smelling and so much cheaper is Rose Face Tonic by Evree (disclaimer: the link will carry you to a post in Polish). Which is my all time favorite and the reason why I won;t bother to go back to MAC Fix + Rose.
2. MAC Fix + Lavender

This one, on the other  hand, is the real fragrance version of the cult MAC mist. Literally. Lavender Fix + does not have a single additional ingredient, though if you think about it, lavender oil would make a very nice addition to the composition of a face mist. What we get instead is a truly lavender (artificial) fragrance, which may not suit all of you, Fix + fans out there. My advise in this case is not to raise your expectations and enjoy aromatherapy session.

3. MAC Fix + Coconut

And we have a winner! This, IMHO, is what all of the above mentioned mists should look like! The coconut version bursts with yummy ingredients, such as coconut extract, algae, chamomile, cucumber, green tea… (although, to be fair, the last three ingredients are also present in other versions). The mist smells of coconut, is a great refresher and moisturizer in one. If I am ever buying another full size bottle of Fix +, I’m sure this will be the one!


*I wrote this post originally in May 2017, but decided to translate & edit it a little bit on the occasion of the introduction of the above mentioned FIX + variants in MAC permanent line, which took place some when around the beginning of 2018. Hope you find my little comparison helpful 😊