Here she is! The latest eye-candy bar by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

If you’re following me on Instagram you know I am a devoted fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows – apart from the Soft Glam palette I own the last three of them (I haven’t missed a single one since Modern Renaissance). I love these shadows. I mean LOVE. Which makes me an unobjective source of information. Nevertheless, hear me out 🙂


1. General remarks

  • Soft Glam palette is composed of fourteen shades, and is marketed as a perfect wedding makeup palette
  • Nine shades in Soft Glam (Tempera. Dusty Rose, Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Sienna, Rustic, Cyprus Umber, Mulberry and Noir) are plain mattes. The other five (Glistening, Fairy, Rose Pink, Sultry and Bronze) are shimmers, or what I like to call eye-gems
  • Burnt Orange, Orange Soda, Dusty Rose, Noir, Sienna are the ones that are also available as single pans
L-R: Tempera, Dusty Rose, Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Sienna
  • Tempera, Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber are three shades that are also included in the Modern Renaissance palette (although to me CU looks a tad darker in MR – just my opinion)
  • Dusty Rose and Buon Fresco may seem to be similar mauve shades, yet the latter is much lighter and has a cooler undertone
  • Matte eyeshadows are a little dusty, which in my opinion is the case with all mattes in Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Fortunately, this does not automatically translate into fallout when you apply shadows on your eyelids, but does require adopting somewhat specific technique of application (tap that excess off your brush!)
L-R: Rustic, Cyprus Umber, Mulberry, Noir
  • Shimmery shadows (AKA gems) are dreamy creamy! The one single eyeshadow by Anastasia Beverly Hills I own is shimmery Pink Champagne, which totally does not compare in terms of smoothness of texture
L-R: Glistening, Fairy, Rose Pink, Sultry, Bronze (all the shimmers)
2. Practical use

I have had this palette for a little over two crazy busy weeks, but what else is there to do when you take a five minute break other than try new makeup?


  • Tempera is the one I usually use as an all-over eyelid base
  • Dusty Rose, Orange Soda, Burnt Orange are the most beautiful crease shades. My test for that is to use this one eyeshadow solely over the entire eyelid and then push some more into the crease. This is the most basic eyemakeup I wear on busy mornings, and I think if you can find that one eyeshadow that works this way with your skin tone and eye color, you’re a winner in the get ready game (a little spoiler here, since I plan on doing entire post about fast and easy morning makeup routine). All the above mentioned shades do the job in my case, and no, they do not turn overtly orange in action
  • Glistening is my newest discovery for the waterline. Delicate yellow gold with subtle pink gold shift, it compliments the majority of looks I created with this palette.
  • Another big star in the Soft Glam palette is Mulberry (and you could never tell just by looking at the pan!). What seems like a dark brownish brick on the lid turns into marvelous, rich deep plum
  • Sienna + Rustic or Rustic + Cyprus Umber are two combinations I use for the outer portion of the lower lid. I am not a big fan of sharp cut lines in makeup, I like to wear eyemakeup that is blended, blurred and more on the smoky side. Therefore, with these browns, I am able to achieve a muted yet visible definition matching my brownish-colored iris
  • To be completely honest, there is ONE thing I don’t like about Soft Glam and it’s called Noir. All I know is that making a decent, rich and truly black black eyeshadow is a true challenge for any makeup brand. The one made by Anastasia Beverly Hills is smudgy, doesn’t blend well and turns ashy when applied on the eyelid. Much as I understand why it needs to be there (vide wedding smoky eye makeup), I wish they put something else in its stead (Pink Champagne?). Still, I am not using black eyeshadow very often (okay, I never do), so I the only drawback of Noir is that I actually paid for one pan that is totally useless to me
Overally, I am sure I am going to get a lot of use out of this palette, I have no problem creating both everyday and evening looks (and you actually don’t really need to have a wedding coming up to enjoy it in full). If you want to buy just one (or maybe your first) Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, I highly recommend considering Soft Glam and Modern Renaissance. I believe the latter one is more on the safe side, while Soft Glam, carrying more out-there shimmers will be more universal and if there is a night party animal in you, I recommend you give this one a thought.
On totally another note, let’s play fortune telling – I really hope for the next palette Norvina goes a little more crazy (blues, greens, purples?). What do you think? Any preferences?