Oh boy, this one was quite a surprise…

For starters, I imagined this to be a regular wash-off mask (don’t even ask me how that idea got into my head). Seriously, who reads the packaging? (sarcasm aside, I really hope you do & advise you to, if you don’t). So, first of all – it’s a sheet mask. Like in BubbleSHEET.
1. The Claims
Glow. Oxygenate. Detoxify. Purify. Face-makeup Removal (please disregard this one and ALWAYS cleanse your face before you put a mask on. Otherwise, how do you expect the goodness to work across a barrier of makeup, dirt and skin secretions?)
2. The Action
I honestly expected the bubbles to go crazy, drip down my neck and spread across the entire bathroom. Fortunately, they did not. The mask is black (I’m holding a dried carcass on the first picture) and the bubbles are white and creamy – you’re supposed to wash your face with them after you take the mask off. There is no specific scent involved. All in all, the application can be pleasant, except for some minor drawbacks.
A couple of minutes after the application I did have this unpleasant tingly sensation on some parts of my face. After I pulled the mask down and washed my face I did not notice any deterioration as regards the redness on my cheeks, but my skin is just sensitive – as opposed to crazy sensitive, to which in my opinion this mask can be harmful. Also, it did irritate my eyes a little – although on the evening of application they had already been sore and irritated, the mask just took advantage of that. Next time I’ll try to test it against rested eyeballs and will update you on the results. This makes me feel obliged to warn you not to keep the mask on for over 10 minutes (as instructed by the manufacturer).
3. The Results
…which in case of masks are something I always assess the morning after. And that one was GOOD! For the first time ever in I saw what the brand means by detoxed skin, which isn’t really something I can describe. Let’s just settle for the combination of the following:
  • my skin was cleansed to perfection and achieved the level of natural glow I haven’t experienced after applying any skincare product I’ve ever used
  • my pores were tightened
  • my cysts got shrunk & surfaced a little more so that I was actually able to take care of them (I know it’s gross, but hey, I’m trying to give you ALL the details and lately I happen to be in a quite unfortunate place as regards the condition of my face)


I guess I would have looked very glam and polished if I combined that with a soothing mask to calm the sensitive areas on my cheeks, which is something I might also try next time.
Overally, this is another Glamglow mask that took a special position in my skincare & I am sure I will repurchase this one. It may seem a little costly for a single-use mask, but in my opinion, not too much up there, regarding a really solid effect.