Dear readers, welcome to the new chapter of my blogging adventure 馃檪

I guess you might be surprised with the title of this post, given the main theme of my blog. I suppose none of you are here from the very beginning of my blogging venture, which actually started a couple of years ago. In all those years, I witnessed many changes in the blogging community, emergence of Instagram being probably the most conspicuous one.

Oh, the magic of Instagram… to which I also succumbed for sure. In the beginning, it was an innocent play, by the rules of which the quality of content you presented was measurable by engagement of your followers. In (re)turn, the people you chose to follow filled your screen with their feed, which was interesting to you. It was an innocent and inspiring experience, which I enjoyed so much that at some point I started to focus more on my IG than on the blog. I figured I should keep the blog only to occasionally dwell on a cosmetic or any other subject a little bit more that allowed on IG. Curating my IG profile taught me a lot, but apparently聽it was never enough, which became clearer with every change Instagram introduced allegedly to improve communication and engagement with my micro-community. However, a diligent student like myself could not help making the following observations:

– whatever you read about growing your feed in an honest way (and by that I mean without buying followers or likes), it’s simply not true. I recently experimented with the number and selection of hashtags. Having done everything by the rule- and Lord knows how time consuming that was – I did not notice any significant improvement in my statistics. A fair lady that goes by the name of Harel (@harelblog) did exactly the opposite and guess what – not adding ANY hashtags to her post resulted in no change in her stats as well.

– on the practical level, Instagram actually disconnected me from some accounts that I really liked and follow. What Instagram shows me are posts that are selected for me on the basis of premises that are all wrong (see below for evidence). Pardon my French, they are crap. And this also backfires in an unexpected way – I now have to dig up what I once found suiting my tastes and needs from my followed list because Instagram does not care to show me that kind of feed. Again – time consuming and unnerving. Plus what

– I am constantly followed and unfollowed on the next day by companies/people which have obviously no interest in my content. Numbers grow in that way, but I honestly find it not only unsatisfying but irritating as hell (I always block such profiles, whenever I am able to track them down). Case in point: next day after translating a text on nurses (for which I had to search information on the Internet) I got followed by some nurses association. And just imagine how many times that happens given the wide range of texts I work with (but by no means am interested in!).

– call me jealous all you want, but I feel disheartened when I see makeshift profiles featuring celebrities’ pets or new brands that sometimes are even empty of content but already followed, liked and commented by gazillions of people. Just for the record, disheartened stands nowhere near inspired and creatively aroused, which I thought was the point of the app in the first place.

– all in all, I realized that in the past couple of months Instagram has made me more resentful and spiteful than anything else in my life – and I don’t think that is the point of keeping


As for the things I know would work to boost my profile – I could start featuring my kids. I could start showing my parts. Or better yet, both, interchangeably. I could tag my pics with popular profiles which have absolutely nothing to do with what I present. I could buy followers. I could employ bots. There are many shady yet tempting ways to improve your stats and, sadly, those are the only ones that seem to work. Notwithstanding, I give you my word that I will perform none of the above since – for a variety of reasons – I consider those ways wrong.

Given all that, I sadly feel Instagram has been gradually becoming more and more manipulative and ‘insincere’. Good news is, it made me decide to come back to the comforting retreat of my own domain, which after few touch-ups I hereby proudly present to you. I hope each of you who came by is truly interested with what I have to say and ready to engage in a discussion.

Let me know your thoughts.

Have a good one 馃檪