It’s already October and I start to get the feeling that 2018 is slowly winding down. If I take a look back at it, skincare-wise, it was a year of mask and serum. Those are the two types of cosmetics I started to appreciate this year. Ok, I might have been just as well influenced by the market. I surely am not the only one to notice the growing masking obsession in the beauty industry. Anyway, if you are following the subject, you must be familiar with the heroes of today’s post: the Water Sleeping Mask and the Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige.

Before I get to the subject let me clarify the origins of these masks. As we (skincare junkies) all know, K-Beauty is another vital trend these days, and somehow I managed to trick myself into thinking that Laneige is a Korean brand. The masks are in fact made in Korea, but it’s actually Amore Pacific that imports and merchandises them from Canada. Maybe that’s the key to success in my case, as I am entirely resistant to the effects of any Korean cosmetics. while these two masks (spoiler alert) work wonders on my skin. Both of them should be applied in the evening and sit on the skin/lips for the entire night.

The Water Sleeping Mask

In case of the Water mask – I am not really a big fan of anything that fails to sink in before I fall asleep. If I make an exception, it has to be for the sake of great effects in the morning.  The producer promises purification and hydration. While I cannot see any purifying effects (to be honest it seems a little illogical to expect that from a product you don’t actually wipe off your face), the hydration levels in morning are truly on point. My desert-climate-exposed skin appreciates any support it can get and the Water Sleeping Mask has its back (so to say, juggling body parts).

I also must mention the delicate flowery smell – as you may know, nice smell is a very important factor in my nighttime skincare routine, it just has to be good. The structure here is reminiscent of a thick water cream, very jelly-like and lightweight but does not slide off the skin, which is a plus considering it has to sit for the entire night. There is only one technical issue I have with this mask, but let’s talk about the Lip Mask first.

The Lip Sleeping Mask

This one is of thicker, butter-like formulation. It is very rich and smells of fruity bubble gum. It comes with a little silicone applicator. Much as I appreciate this touch, I keep misplacing it all around my bathroom (lucky to have found it for the pics!). But that’s just a nice additional touch. The best thing is that… it is just the best lip mask I have ever tried. Quote me on that. No joke. And all the other phrases beauty bloggers use to make you buy stuff, only seriously.

If you share my kind of lip issues – which is continuous dryness (hail AC) and peeling – this is your solution. I’m planning to give the Lip Mask to a solid test in winter, when I go back to Europe and get myself chapped lips. For now, there is only one thing that bothers me about this mask. Actually, it’s the same issue I have with the Water Sleeping mask…

The problem

So both jars you see on the pictures are straightforward bottomless. Not like the Santa’s bag, but you truly need a tiny amount of either to entirely cover your face/lips. I have long lost faith in hitting the bottom before the expiry date. Hence, I would really appreciate it if they came in smaller sizes, with a corresponding price tag. Oh and also a word of warning. Don’t buy those duo or (God forbid) multipacks some shops sometimes offer – unless you’re already planning on Christmas gifts for friends and family. You will never be able to use up that amount yourself, even if you applied it on a daily basis. Having said that – those are really good masks which are now permanent element of my skincare routine.

Have a good one!