Admitting the problem…

End of the year is for me always a time of reflection and making plans for improvement. Last year I felt I needed to reconsider my entire organization scheme. The truth is, I don’t have much time for pastimes as I would like to (or used to, for that matter). In consequence, trying to pack all my activities into the same ever-shrinking day led to frustration and depletion of my energy. I started to lose my motivation for everything because it seemed like no matter how many tasks I managed to complete in a day, the list was never getting any shorter. And there were obviously things I could not quit – managing the house, the kids, work assignments (and I strongly believe my priorities are right when I make these priority). So at some point I figured that things need to change, especially if I wanted to have more time for blogging and YT.

Making a difference…

On another note, some time ago I have addressed issues I have with Instagram as regards its algorithms, policy and ethics. I did give it a little bit more thought and discovered I can actually use my profile in another, more meaningful way. Use it to make a statement and to share things that (I hope) may be helpful to people who seek inspiration and/or advise not only if it comes to shopping beauty products. Some of you will know (especially if you’ve seen my IG profile) that in my work I deal with environmental law. This gives me an excellent opportunity to share environmental knowledge I gather on the way and turn into practice in my everyday life. In short – I feel like I’ve ‘outgrown’ creating beauty related content and certain aesthetics I was always striving to achieve. After all, this is a personal blog, so the first prerequisite is to keep it connected to my true self. I want to make the best use of the little time I can devote to creating Late Afternoon Coffee and to start sending a meaningful message.

Finding the solution…

So, what did I change in the scope of my time management?

The first issue I needed to address is how to make time. A little bit of insight into my own routines was step 1. It led me to discover bits of time that I even did not realize were there in the first place 😊 Here is how I started to make better use of my precious minutes:

  • I reversed my daily routine and made it more suited to my natural cycle. I am a night creature, however obviously I had to suspend my ways when my kids were born and I am looking forward to the day they become adults for this one reason, hoping that I will be able to go back to my old ways at some point 😉 For the time being, I do get up early in the morning, but I tend to start the day with activities that do not engage me intellectually, like groceries, chores or gym. It seemed a little weird at first, because it’s so contrary to ‘normal’ daily routine, but hey, that’s the benefit of having a freelance job (only somehow I never really got round to looking at it from this angle).
  • That obviously means that I need to work in the afternoons. That involves a lot of sitting outside the school waiting for my kids to complete their ECPs or letting them vent out on the playground. For that reason, I invested in reliable and practical devices that allow me to work during that time (I actually started writing this post waiting on N., who was having her piano lesson). With WiFi I am available to do loads of research or write literally everywhere, and that in a time of day when my brain works at its top efficiency.
  • If there are two things that I absolutely loathe doing at home, its ironing and cooking. By combining these with watching YouTube I’m killing two birds with one stone – making these activities more bearable and saving some free time I’d spend watching videos anyway. A win-win situation, if you ask me.
  • Cutting my own video time on YouTube. This is still a work in progress. Only when you have a taste of making a proper video by yourself, you start to realize how time-consuming the process really is (and shooting is nothing compared with editing, trust me). For now, I am considering compromising the quality for actually having anything new to upload. They say done is better than perfect, and I am about to test that theory in practice.
And so…

My first conclusion is this: it is not only how much or how little time you have. You have to use it more purposefully. I can already feel I have benefited a lot from changing my ways, and I still think I can do a lot more. If you have some tips that work for you, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below 😊