Skincare: Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser

Did you actually notice how rarely I come back with a negative skincare review? It surely pays off to dig deeper into skincare and not even to the level of a chemistry expert. Essentially, my skincare choices have improved over the past several months. However this does not always prevent me from bad purchases in that skincare alley. Here is one example.

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Tested: Original Skin by Origins

You know how they say not to judge book by the cover? However true that might be, packaging is always the first thing that draws us to consumables. It is no different (and maybe even more true!) in case of cosmetics, and Origins got the game right with Original Skin range!

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*Przeczytane: “Purezento”

Tak mało jest w dzisiejszym świecie czasu na… wszystko. Osobiście jeżeli mam już wolną chwilę, bardzo dokładnie zastanawiam się na co ją przeznaczyć. Czasu poświęconego na przeczytanie Purezento Joanny Bator nie żałuję wcale.

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